HueLips: Connect via Ambiance

The concept

Click here to watch the introductory video.

HueLips makes it possible to share feelings to the loved ones via patterns of light. HueLips is a mobile application for Philips Hue Light that helps people to stay connected with the loved ones even in the most busiest times.

With HueLips application, it is possible to send photos and select a light pattern effect from the effect library. The receiver instantly experiences the messages in the living room and receives the photos on the digital photo frame.


Design Cycle and My Contribution

The concept was evaluated with a hi-fi prototype by using the thinking aloud method. A video prototype was also developed to explain the concept.

Worked as a design team group three members in a four-week project. Contributed to the concept development part; played an active role in brainstorming sessions. Was responsible for high-fi prototyping: manipulated the Hue lights using Processing . Was also responsible for developing a video prototype using Adobe Premiere .