The concept

Click here here for a demo.

NetQuiz is a web application game concept connected to the users NexFlix account and contains Mini-Games and Mini-Quizes related with a currently watched series.

Goal of this game is to increase users’ interest of the series and movies broadcasted in NetFlix and make them more involved to the story. The users can link their NetQuiz results with social media and have information about their friends results. With NetQuiz, NexFlix users will feel more connected with to the “community of audience” of their favorite series.


Design Cycle and My Contribution

A high-fi prototype was developed using html and java script. First version of the game was evaluated and improved through iterative playtests. Characters in the game were obtained from

Worked in a design team of four members in a one-week project. Contributed to the concept development part of the project; played an active role in brainstorming sessions. Was responsible for developing the visuals for the game with with one other team member. Was also responsible for conducting and evaluating the playtests.